Station Manager Hikes to Victoria Peak Summit

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Read below the personal commentary and account of Vladimir’s recent trek with the Victoria Peak Hike Challenge 2009…

This is my third Victoria Peak Challenge and the most challenging yet. This was a 3 day trek to one of the highest points in the country. The feeling of completing such a grueling hike is very rewarding.

Day 1 we started our hike on Friday May 1, at 6:30 a.m. and I arrived at base camp at 2:30 p.m. We walked through the jungle 19 kilometers this first day and it was the most tiring of the 3 days. Everyone cooked their own meals on small portable stoves and everyone was in bed at 7:00 p.m. in their hammocks or tents.

Day 2 was the day that everyone had prepared for. We hiked 8 kilometers to the top of Victoria Peak and came back. The rain earlier in the day made the ascent at the top very slippery and very dangerous. Never the less, I made it and by noon most of us were at the top if only for 15 minutes because the winds were too high and rain seemed imminent. Heavy rains caught us on the way down but we all made it safe and sound. We arrived at base camp much later this day and a quick dinner and bath was all I needed before calling it a day.

Day 3 and the third and last day seemed quick and easy. By now I had less weight on y pack and my legs had gotten use to the burning pain you get when going up and down hills. My focus was on getting home and as the sun got warmer and blisters grew on my toes I knew that this was the final test before the finish. I arrived at noon and the rest of my colleagues were just behind me.

This experience tested my physical and mental limits. It also allowed me to see another reserve in Belize and to see how they keep their grounds, what type and styles of signs they put up. Just seeing a different type of forest is itself an experience especially where most of the plants and birds are different. Meeting other people from different parts of Belize was also special since most have a deep appreciation for nature. Overall it was an incredible experience that I will soon not forget.

…Vladimir Rodriguez – La Milpa Station Manager

On top of Victoria Peak

Cooking at Base Camp

Old Mahogany Root

Victoria Peak Team

Post Hike

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