Hope the Harpy Eagle released at Rio Bravo!

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The Rio Bravo Conservation and Management Area (Rio Bravo) owned and managed by Programme for Belize was the release site for another Harpy Eagle. Harpy Eagles once thrived in Belize but its population disappeared due to loss of habitat caused by deforestation and the deliberate killing of this majestic raptor.

The Harpy Eagle released this Monday, December 14, 2009, is the fifteenth Harpy Eagle being released at Rio Bravo, a 260,000 acre reserve located in northwestern Belize. Hope is the name given to this Harpy and appropriately so since it gives us hope that we are on our way to establishing a breeding population of Harpy Eagles in Belize.

This initiative to restore Harpy Eagles in Belize is a partnership project being carried by The Peregrine Fund, The Belize Zoo and Programme for Belize. Since the Harpy Eagle is a symbol of hope and the need to protect our precious forest which contributes to the solution of climate change, it attracted the attention of international dignitaries. The Harpy Eagle Release was witnessed by the US Ambassador Vinai Thumalapaly and his wife Barbara and the British High Commissioner Pat Ashworth. Programme for Belize is proud that the Rio Bravo Conservation and Management Area has been chosen as the release site for the restoration of the Harpy Eagle for the present and future generation of Belize to enjoy.

Hope released in the Rio Bravo
Hope arrives at the airfield in Blue Creek
Onlookers gather in Blue Creek

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