Best Management Project

Sustainable Tourism Certification Program (STCP)
Belize National Certification Program
What is STCP?

The sustainable Tourism Certification Program was a Multilateral Investment Fund (MIF) for the development of harmonized best management practices, baseline certification and international accreditation standards for ecotourism in Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC). more info

EU Forestry Project

The project aimed to promote forest conservation in Belize by developing and demonstrating viable approaches to forest management that can be applied by communities and the private sector. Demonstrations were developed in northern Belize as fully working initiatives delivering benefits of forest conservation and to local participants. more info

Wings Project

A community managed Scarlet Macaw monitoring program was established in the village of Red Bank, a PfB Wings of the America’s community-based bird conservation program, located in southern Belize.  This monitoring program is centered on gathering baseline data on the arrival, movement and behaviors of the Scarlet Macaws. m0re info

Sarteneja Project

The overall goal of the project was to reduce the impact of the Sarteneja Community on the Belize Barrier Reef Reserve System by facilitating participatory community planning for the sustainable use of this resource base. more info

World Bank Project Wings Project

Rio Bravo’s north-western location on the Guatemalan border makes it an important player in bi-national conservation efforts. The site forms part of the Northern Belize Biological Corridors which links six protected areas in northern Belize and is integrated into the larger Mesoamerican Biological Corridors initiative.  The connection between the Rio Bravo Conservation and Management Area and the Maya Biosphere Reserve in Guatemala represents Belize’s critical link into the main Mesoamerican Biological Corridors system, ensuring connections in the ecosystems between Belize and the rest of Central America. more info