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To date, 60 Maya sites have been located on the RBCMA. Among these sites is the ancient Maya city of La Milpa, i.e. the third largest ancient Maya city found in Belize. Two long-term archaeology research projects were established in 1992 on the RBCMA to investigate how the ancient Maya civilization evolved, was organized and sustained, and most of its centers eventually collapsed. La Milpa, a major ancient Maya city, located on the RBCMA only three miles from the La Milpa Field Station, has been investigated by Boston University projects since 1992 under the direction of Drs. Norman Hammond and Gair Tourtellot. The season of 2000 was devoted to testing a model of intentional city planning based on a cosmogram of the Maya world known from Classic hieroglyphics and sculpture, Maya maps of Conquest period date and modern Maya beliefs.

This model builds on the Maya fascination with aligning buildings and rituals to significant world directions. The findings suggest that the organization of the outlying special groups of plazas, discovered and studied during this season, are more of a cosmic design than merely a circuit of minor ritual pyramids.

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