La Milpa

Programme for Belize is committed to the goal of earning sufficient supplementary revenue to support the expansion of its efforts to preserve and manage the Rio Bravo Conservation and Management Area.  Ecotourism is currently the most substantial source of self-generated income for Rio Bravo and is likely to remain so for several years.  Our vision is to provide visitors with an enlightening yet low impact experience in the rainforest therefore Programme for Belize links environmental education with human-nature interaction.

The La Milpa EcoLodge and Research Center lies nestled deep in the forests of northwestern Belize only 2.5 hours by road from Belize City and 1.15 minutes by road from Orange Walk Town.  This lodge is located only three miles from the third largest archaeological site in Belize.

Guests visiting the La Milpa EcoLodge experience first-hand the rich history of the Maya civilization through a tour of the breathtaking and majestic La Milpa Archaeological Site. In 1996, the site received international recognition when a royal Maya tomb was found and a male skeleton adorned with a jeweled necklace was unearthed on its grounds.  The La Milpa site is only one of 60 Mayan sites found in the Rio Bravo Conservation and Management Area.

Other activities at La Milpa include hiking nature trails, jungle trekking, and birding. Avid birders can compile a list of more than 150 species during a three-day trip. Visitors can also spend the day in the nearby Mestizo and Mennonite villages for a taste of Belizean culture.