La Milpa – Activities

The La Milpa Ecolodge and Research Center has eight trails to explore.  These trails are:

Mahogany Trail

Medicinal Trail

Orchid Trail

Bajo Trail

Lagunita Trail

Chicle Trail

La Milpa Archaeological Site Trail

Well Trail

We request that for your safety you remain on the trails at all times. Please do not leave the trail system and wander off from your group or guide. It is easy to get lost or disoriented under the thick forested canopy. We have a trail map in your room directory that can lead you on your way to exploring the trail system with the help of your friendly resident guide. Also, a large trail map is located close to the Education Center and Dining Room Porch.

Most are in walking distance with difficulty levels from easy to difficult. Along these trails you will experience the majesty and complexity of the tropical rainforest. A naturalist guide will accompany you on your forest jaunts so that your experience is a fulfilling one. However, if you are experienced and comfortable on your own in the rainforest, you can explore the trails at your leisure. You must inform your naturalist guide or the Station Manager or any staff in their absence about where you are going so that we know your whereabouts at all times on the property.

Our tour guides are expert at identifying wildlife and plants and discussing environmental topics, the Maya civilization, and history of Belize among others. Also, you are invited to learn about and participate in the conservation work that Programme for Belize does in and around the RBCMA.

All overnight guests are invited to early morning bird and night walks. Guests staying multiple nights are also offered a night safari. Please make arrangement with your naturalist guide or station manager.

The La Milpa Archaeological Site, the 3rd largest Mayan site in Belize, has a trail system beginning three miles from base camp. Here you can explore an undeveloped Mayan site and step back in time to the days of priests, lords, and ball-players. The Dos Hombres trail, which leads to another undeveloped Mayan site, is approximately 10 miles away and the trail itself is about 2 miles. This is our most difficult trail.

At both these sites you can encounter howler and spider monkeys, numerous birds and other critters of interest.