Quick Questions for Small Group/Tour Leaders

1. How many persons do you intend to bring in your group?
2. How many males and females are in the group?
3. What is the approximate age range within the group?
4. Do the group members know each other?
5.Do any of the group members have special dietary or other specific requirements?
6.Is your visit to the La Milpa Ecolodge and Research Center or Hill Bank Field Station part of a longer tour of Belize or the region? If so please describe.
7.Is the purpose of the visit:

  • primarily recreational
  • recreational with opportunities to learn about rainforest issues.
  • educational with recreational opportunities
  • other – (please explain in the space below)

8.Does your group have:

  • a specific interest in one particular field of study? (please describe below)
  • a general interest in the rainforest and conservation issues?

9. Which of the following excursions would you like to know more about:

  • Boat trip and tour of Lamanai Mayan Monument; tour by Mayan guide
  • Lunch in a Maya / Mestizo community
  • Lunch in a Creole community
  • Visit to the Community Baboon Sanctuary
  • Visit to a traditional Mennonite community
  • Visit to the un-excavated archaeological site at La Milpa
  • Visit to an archaeological dig on the Rio Bravo (seasonal)

Please attach any additional information you have which may help us to plan an appropriate program for you.

Quick Questions for Group Leaders of Student Programs

We want to ensure that your independently organized program runs smoothly. You can help us do this by answering the following quick questions:

1.What is the theme of your study program?
2.In addition to classroom facilities, do you require the use of audio-visual materials, and or other teaching materials?
3.Will you require the use of recreational resources (e.g. canoes) during your stay?
4.Will you require the services of a guide or facilitator for either educational or recreational activities (either continuously or on occasions)?
5. Would you like additional information on any of the following activities?

  • guided walks along rainforest trails
  • canoe trail
  • ranger patrol by boat
  • visit to sustainable forestry research plot
  • participation in tree planting program
  • lagoon and river excursion by boat
  • crocodile spotlighting
  • lunch in Mestizo Community
  • lunch in Creole Community
  • visit to Mennonite Community
  • visit to un-excavated Mayan site on the RBCMA
  • visit to Lamanai Mayan site by boat
  • visit to Community Baboon Sanctuary

Belize Tourism Board – BTB www.travelbelize.org

Belize Tourism Industry Association – www.btia.org

Belize Hotel Association – www.belizehotels.org

Belize Chamber of Commerce – www.belize.org/bcci/

Protected Areas Conservation Trust – www.pactbelize.org